Why people dislike Tess Holliday

The fat activists celebrated when Tess Holliday was signed on by MILK agency as a model.  Since then, they cheered her on as she spoke up about body positivity and diversity, the importance of including plus-sized models in advertisements, how confident she is, when she was featured on the cover of People magazine and when she scored interviews.

But just as Tess Holliday has her massive following, she has her fair share of critics.  It’s unrealistic to expect that, since she’s in the public eye , Ms Holliday would only be fawned over.  All celebrities aren’t exempt from criticism; why should she be the exception?  Let’s not be fools; she milks the public and does what she can to generate even more publicity and popularity for herself.

I wholeheartedly agree that Ms Holliday has a breathtakingly beautiful face.  Her makeup and hair are flawless.  Her sheer arrogance, however, is neither beautiful nor flawless.  In a photo shoot where people turned to stare at her in lingerie, she rudely shouted, “Never seen a fat woman in lingerie before?”  She was similarly rude to anyone who criticises her.  How polite is ‘eff you’, right?


Like fat activists, Ms Holliday arrogantly tells those who don’t find her morbidly obese body attractive that they’re the ones who have a problem or are haters.  No, not everyone who points out that she’s glorifying obesity and unhealthy lifestyles is doing it to be hateful.  As I mentioned in a previous entry, I try to share what I know to prevent people from suffering the same fate as my sick relative.

I’m not a hater, I’m not a fat shamer and I’ve shown in this blog that I accept fat people as friends.  However, I draw the line at spreading lies to prevent the fat community from doing something to improve their health as a whole.  Sure, they may never be very slender.  Sure, some have priorities other than being healthy.  But they shouldn’t stop those who want to try from doing so.

This is the reason many people dislike Tess Holliday.  It’s not because she’s morbidly obese.  It’s not because she’s confident nor fat and happy.  It’s because she’s arrogant, promotes a very unhealthy way of life that influences her fans and doesn’t take responsibility for it although she’s fully aware that fans emulate the celebrities they admire.

Wishing you fun,



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