What strong women are like

This entry is about what it really means to be a strong woman.  It’s what radical feminists preach, but do they really understand what true strength means?  Is it possible to be incredibly strong yet remain feminine?  Yes.  It is.  I shared that a relative got very ill.  It was a massive hemorrhagic stroke, which resulted in paralysis.

People didn’t even expect her to pull through.  She was in critical condition.  When she stopped responding to nurses and relatives, I rushed down to the hospital, called to her and cried till she responded.  Even if she didn’t open her eyes then, I could see her grimacing from the effort and it was enough.  When she finally opened her eyes, she kept crying because she couldn’t move.

I held her hand and told her, “You’ve fought so hard to finally open your eyes.  It would be a shame to give up now.  Until you give up on yourself, I’ll never give up on you.”  Then I urged her to move whatever body parts she could still move when I did her physio exercises to keep her limbs from being stiff.  It started with her fingers lightly pressing on my palm.


I told her that, if she could move her fingers, the rest of her arms would eventually move because the fingers need to send signals to the brain and vice versa to get them moving and urged her to practise everyday, no matter how little.  She progressed to being able to lift 2 fingers, then 3, then she could lightly hold my hand.  From there, she began flexing her elbows.

It was the same with her feet.  Her progress astonished the doctors and hospital staff.  In fact, they started to cheer her on.  The medico team at work told me it’s because the doctors are so jaded after seeing stroke patients die or remain paralysed all their lives that they were delighted to see such miracles happen.  In fact, the doctors were all emotionally involved in her recovery.  Their involvment was visible : )  They cheered her on like I did.

Soon, the family followed suit.  From despair, the relatives rallied around her.  She’s still improving today.  She can talk, she can sit up, she has regained some basic daily functions.  I’m so proud of her.

Strength is being there for somebody we love right to the very end, even if everyone else has given up.  Sometimes, after a setback, people need encouragement in order to get back on their feet.  Of course, if my relative didn’t have enough willpower and discipline, she would keep failing and give all types of excuses.  I’m so glad she didn’t.

This is strength.  It’s not always about aggression and competitiveness.  I’ve been strong for my relative. She’s been strong enough to keep on progressing.  And I want the awful radical feminists to know that true strength is what it takes to keep improving.

Wishing you fun,



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