Fat friends with no excuses

I’ve written about having fat friends several times in this blog.  The truth is, apart from their echo chambers, angry and aggressive fat activists like Ragen Chastain, Fat Heffalump and Shakesville authors don’t enjoy many friendships with people who dare to disagree with them.  How genuine can these relations be when they’re only with ‘Yes Men/Women’?

Instead, the fat friends I have don’t give excuses for their state.  They admit that they enjoy food too much.  They admit that they prefer other activities to being healthy.  Fair enough.  Everyone has the right to prioritise what they want to do in their lives.  We can’t dictate what their lives should be to them.  I also respect them for owning their weight and not making excuses such as imaginary self-diagnosed illnesses and conditions.

There’s a blog dedicated to exposing Ragen Chastain’s lies.  If you’re interested in finding out for yourself, do visit Dances with FaCts.  It sheds light on the raging fat activist’s lies about her failure to lose weight and the exaggerated efforts.  It’s amazing the levels to which she can stoop in order to continue with her self-delusion.


If the only one Ragen Chastain harms is herself, then it’s perfectly fine if the only activity she’ll ever excel in is mental gymnastics.  However, she’s a very influential fat activist in the body positive community.  Her lies reach a wide audience and it’s dangerous for them to believe her.  It’s also the reason people dislike her; not her massive size.

Another example of excuses is none other than Jes Baker, another influential body positive activist.  During the Maria Kang debacle, she posted a response detailing her excuses for being obese.  To be honest, nobody likes excuses.  Just admit that being active and eating healthily aren’t your priorities.  And that is perfectly ok!  You have the right to lead your life as deemed fit.

This is, I believe, the reason my fat friends receive more respect and appreciation than any of the fat activists and their echo chambers.  They don’t give any excuses.  They just tell it like it is – they don’t want to eat healthy food, they prefer junk food and lots of it, AND they prefer to spend time on other hobbies.  You know what, I respect their honesty.  Maybe the fat activists and their echo chambers should try it sometime.

Wishing you fun,



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