Dare to eat eggs

So many people avoid eating eggs because they think that the yolks will cause high cholesterol.  Wrong.  If one eats mainly fresh food, moderate consumption of eggs isn’t going to do damage to your health.  In fact, long before (15 years!) Singapore classified eggs as healthy and safe for our hearts, Australia already did so.  Eggs are a rich source of protein and other nutrients!


As you can see from the recipes in this blog, my man is a fan of my creamy scrambled eggs.  The above is a plain version that we sometimes eat.  We also order egg dishes when we eat out together, which happens more often ever since my relative fell very ill.  Nevertheless, he’s always very happy when I offer to cook, especially when the dishes involve eggs : )


Besides, it’s far healthier to eat some eggs than to indulge in junk food.  We can eat them regularly and, if we’re active, there’s no worry that there will be any spike in cholesterol levels.  Eggs are delicious when added to various dishes.  Cracking a raw egg into a dish just before turning off the stove, breaking it and mixing it in before serving adds a wonderful fragrance to the food.

Dare to eat your eggs.  They’re good for you!

Wishing you fun,



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