Sinful but yummy beer snacks

It’s no secret that my man and I have beers from time to time.  Although it’s nice to dress up and go out, we prefer having our drinks at home.  When it comes to snack food that accompanies beer, he prefers what we can make at home versus stuff that is served outside.  Why pay for chicken nuggets when the same thing can be purchased from supermarkets and baked in our ovens?

When I offer to whip up something, he usually loves it.  So this time, I threw together bacon, sausages and cheddar.  Just 3 ingredients!  And the time taken to cook it?  Less than 15 minutes!  Doesn’t it make you wonder why some women claim that cooking is too tiring and time-consuming?  When we make these treats at home, we can tweak the recipe to our tastes!  Besides, I’ve shown that some dishes can be served up in less than 20 minutes.


Melt butter at medium heat and fry the bacon and sausages till fragrant.  Melt grated cheddar.  When the food is almost done, sprinkle mixed herbs and add a little sherry if you wish.  Turn off the heat and serve.  That’s it!  Very simple, right???!!!  It’s not the healthiest dish to be sure, but as mentioned in previous entries, our lives and healthy eating are not about total deprivation.  We DO eat these things.  We DO consume beer.

And they’re so darned easy to cook!

Wishing you fun,



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