#BodyLove 2016 – prawn caeser

Ahhhhhhhh, salads.  The food which the body positive LIARS hate with a passion.  They can’t fathom why there’re people who prefer eating rabbit food to junk.  Well, I would rather fill my body with goodness from a fresh, crisp salad and not be bogged down by lethargy afterwards!

I don’t need to eat them everyday.  However, after a glutton fest, salads are especially welcome because they don’t make me feel bloated afterwards.  The combination of fresh veggies, tasty dressings and meat/eggs/cheese is not only delicious, it’s chockful of nutrients.

When I feel like eating salads at home, I run to the supermart for ready-made ones.  Just toss with the dressing and, if I feel like a treat, I mix in generous spoonfuls of yummy caviar!  Arrrgh, it’s making me feel hungry already 😛


Yen Ling and I enjoyed this delicious prawn caeser at Cafe 2000 at the lobby of M Hotel.  The portions are generous and keep us full till our next meal.  Imagine, no hunger pangs, no feelings of starvation (unless you eat like a rhinoceros) and no misery!

Usually, we have our salads on Mondays after a weekend of gluttony with our partners.  Yen Ling’s boyfriend loves food and is constantly feeding her.  So on Mondays, she’s as keen as me to have something light.

Healthy eating isn’t as inconvenient as the body positive LIARS would have you believe.  There’s no need to be obsessive about it.  After your body adapts to new eating habits, you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll enjoy a salad from time to time.

Give it a shot for your health.

Wishing you fun,



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