Whitney Thore is delusional

Many would have seen the Youtube video, ‘Fat Girl Dancing’, by now.  The video went viral and people applauded the star, Whitney Thore, for showing everyone who bothers that fatties can also dance and be active.  At first, I cheered her on, because it sure beats sitting around and moping about one’s weight.  Then, as I watched the video again, something caught my eye.

At the end of the dance routine, Ms Thore collapsed, clearly exhausted from performing just ONE dance.  It broke all the myths the fat activists spread about obesity being healthy.  It definitely isn’t.  However, the success of the video and the attention it brought to Ms Thore led to a reality TV series about her life.  I haven’t watched it; I just couldn’t, not after reading the comments sections of articles about the show.

Since the video, Ms Thore has only grown larger in size.  She can’t perform many basic daily functions on her own, such as shaving her legs.  Her mum has to do it for her.  She claims to be happy with her size and not wanting to be slim (let’s not forget that before she became a rhinoceros, she was a trim and healthy dancer) but cries about it and worries because she’s diagnosed as pre-diabetic.


Let’s get real; if Ms Thore could wake up 1 day as her slim self again, she would do so in a heartbeat.  I’m not against her being obese.  It’s the delusional thoughts that irritate and I’m sure most people who aren’t fat shamers by nature think the same.  She blames her weight gain on PCOS but her horrific eating habits and the insane, copious amounts of food she eats are the main culprits.  Does she admit that?  Nope!  It’s always easier to blame a medical condition.

Some of the audience point out that she behaves like a spoiled, entitled brat.  Yet, the fat activists hold her up as some angelic role model.  Perhaps they identify with her because they’re the same – selfish, demanding, greedy and overcompensate for their inferiority complex by declaring that they’re happy with their size.  No, they’re not.  If they are, they wouldn’t be so aggressive when somebody disagrees.  They wouldn’t be so sensitive.

I don’t believe obese people should be tormented.  However, I cannot help being irritated by the fat activists’ attitudes.  They’re as delusional as Ms Thore and if they relate to her, I sure as hell won’t.  She would be annoying to watch.  Like Ragen Chastain, she’s managed to lie to herself enough times such that she believes her own lies.


Wishing you fun,



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