Visible Belly Outline

Jes the Militant Baker is 1 of the more influential plus-sized bloggers.  This is the woman who took on Abercrombie & Fitch for not catering to larger sizes in 2013.  She has published a book and organises body love events such as photo shoots and conferences.  Along with Fat Girl Flow and The Curvy Fashionista, she writes about fatshion and recommends shops which cater to heavy women.

1 of her blog entries featured the Visible Belly Outline, or ‘VBO’.  She shared another fatshion blogger’s posts about flaunting big bellies in bodycon dresses and skirts.  Now I’m a firm believer that women of any size can look the best they can, especially when we dress up and take care of ourselves.  However, I’m not a fan of Tess Munster’s #effyourbeautystandards campaign and for valid reasons.

Women have followed fashion tips and guides since forever so that we know how to best showcase our bodies in the best possible light.  Flaunting the VBO goes against classic fashion tips.  It’s a rebellion against what was traditionally the best way for women to dress, i.e. instead of minimise our flaws and highlight our assets, we’re now told to flaunt our flaws.


Now, the obese community are following Tess Munster’s lead by declaring they can wear whatever they want.  Like what a dude said in 1 of the popular forums, sure, they can wear what they want and rebel against fashion tips all they want.  However, they shouldn’t get mad when people don’t find them attractive because people can think whatever they want too.

Ultimately, fashion tips have been around forever for a reason.  We wear clothes that are flattering for a reason too.  VBOs are aesthetically displeasing to the eye and even more so when they’re obviously unhealthy.  If plus-sized women think that men walking around with a beer gut is awful, why can’t others think the same about them when they flaunt the VBO?

Sometimes one wonders where good sense has gone.

Wishing you fun,



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