Giving thanks

Last year, I mentioned that a relative got very sick.  I rushed to hospital to help with physiotherapy exercises.  It was a massive hemorrhagic stroke followed by a bout of pneumonia after admission to hospital.

It was a very scary time for the family as the relative almost slipped into a coma a few times in the beginning.  Since we were closest, the family members relied on me to beg for a response.  Thankfully, there were responses.

My relative didn’t have the healthiest diet; thus, despite being very active, this is the second stroke 4 years after the first.  During this time, I chanted the mantra and prayed for blessings.  Thankfully, my prayers were answered.

So it was time to give thanks : )


This is the only Tibetan temple in Singapore, which houses the Medicine Buddha.  It was to this buddha that I desperately requested help.  Thus, it was only right that I visited the temple to give thanks and light a butter lamp.

My relative is well on the road to recovery.  The hospital, the doctors and the other medical professionals I know said it’s a miracle.  This is another chance and I know I’m going to take a lot of care with the relative’s diet to prevent another stroke : )

This is why it’s very important to me to share whatever knowledge and habits I have to help people.  It’s also why the LIARS in the body positive community who spread harmful untruths to other members make my blood boil and I seek to expose those lies.

These LIARS think we don’t care about their health because if the situation were reversed, THEY would be too SELFISH to care about your health.  But I – and many others – have reasons to care and we bloody well do.

Open your eyes and mind if it’s the truth you seek.

Wishing you fun,



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