#BodyLove 2016 – nutritious, balanced meals

I was at Katong Shopping Centre some time back to run errands.  There’s a famous chicken rice stall at the basement.  During meal times, the queues are pretty awful.  However, if there’s time and it isn’t sweltering hot, I don’t mind waiting in line for something delicious.


My companion and I shared a mountain of chicken and bean sprouts stir-fried with salted fish bits.  What sets this apart from other stalls is the fragrant rice and the generous stall owners give you plenty of it!  Drench it in dark soy sauce, garlic chilli sauce and crushed ginger, and I guaran-damn-tee you’ll finish it all.  I did!

Let’s be very clear – I will NEVER champion unhealthy eating habits in this blog.  I will NEVER champion extreme dieting methods.  I don’t practise them because they cause too much strain on our internal organs and digestive systems.

My man will attest to this because the meals I prepare usually include fresh food.  He’ll also attest to the fact that I prefer to have variety when it comes to our meals so we don’t get sick of eating the same thing day in and out.

Beautiful and healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes.  If you’re eating right and taking care of yourself, it WILL show.  All you need is patience.  Do this not only for yourself but your loved ones.  If you’re thinking solely of yourself and your enjoyment, how loving are you, truly?

Wishing you fun,



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