#BodyLove 2016 – health needs no photoshopping

I have friends who, before I post photos taken with them, need to photoshop their arms/whatever body parts smaller before sending them to me for posting or ask me to crop their arms/body parts off altogether.  While I can understand why people do this, it isn’t necessary, at least to me.

I stated in a previous entry that I don’t photoshop my photos and show you my body as is.  Here’s proof of that in case you’ve painstakingly scrutinised photos of my body in the hopes of finding just the teeeeeeniest weeeeeeeniest hint of photoshopping.

You may now see my adorable tiny muffin top.


Why am I showing you this?

So you know that healthy bodies aren’t necessarily photoshopped to look better.  Healthy bodies are REAL.  Healthy bodies aren’t perfect but they’re good enough for us because we worked hard for them.  Healthy bodies can also be achieved if we eat well and are active.

I’m a size 0 and proud of this physique because supposedly slowing metabolism, as well as an injury, hasn’t slowed me down.  I’m still filled with energy and zest for life.  I still try to do everything, do it well and have fun while at it!

You CAN be this confident.  We’re always proud of our own efforts, aren’t we?  So what is stopping you from working on your health when you can truly be proud of your hard work?  It’s an accomplishment and deserves to be celebrated, like any other achievement.

Try it.  I wish you every success.  And I hope 1 day, you’ll be encouraging your own family members to get healthy and active and lead radiant lives!

Wishing you fun,



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