#BodyLove 2016 – Ditch the fatlogic

I’m just hazarding a guess here.  There’s a possibility that some obese people experience fat hatred because they’re full of nonsensical fatlogic.  They may successfully delude themselves, but they fail to convince anyone who has a brain.

I mentioned before in this blog that my problem isn’t with fat folks; it’s those who spread lies about healthy eating that rustle my jimmies.  I daresay that many otherwise normal people who don’t bully fat peeps feel the same way.

Sheeples too lazy to think for themselves happily accept the lies and repeat them, ad nauseum, everywhere – in blogs, online articles and the comments section of online posts.  And this fatlogic harms them more than they know.


They describe healthy eating as the ultimate torment and a life of deprivation, which is wholly and utterly false.  I eat moderately healthy meals and allow myself a treat regularly.  This prevents harmful binge eating.

Spaghetti carbonara isn’t off-limits.  Burgers aren’t off-limits.  Pizzas aren’t off-limits.  We just have them as treats.  Weekends are my cheat days because life is too short to abstain from orgasmically sinful foods.  It’s a lie that we normal folks who eat relatively healthily can’t indulge ourselves.

Another lie that the body positive LIARS spread?  If they feel good about themselves by seeing more plus-sized models and celebrities, they can love themselves and be motivated enough to be healthy.  Well, they got what they wanted.  Has it reduced obesity levels?

Those of you who’ve broken free from the lies that are fatlogic should be proud of yourselves.  You’re no longer living in denial.  You’re acknowledging science.  You’re taking steps to be more self aware and improve yourselves.

And yes, you’ll find more acceptance!  You’ll be happier!  You’ll have more respect!  Because you don’t buy into those lies any more.  Life WILL be good : )

Wishing you fun,



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