#BodyLove 2016 – this is what oppression looks like

I wonder when the western countries will have enough of catering to the body positive community and finally fight back.  I’m sick of all the whining and ‘woe is me’ crap they churn out on a regular basis.  What is with all the angst?  It’s not as if they’re really suffering.

Fat oppression is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life.  Thankfully the concept hasn’t reached Asia and I hope it never does.  The stupidity of it all would kill me.  I told my man about this and he asked incredulously, “Oppression from what?”

Did they experience slavery?

Were they grievously assaulted by the Ku Klux Clan?


Look at the scars on the guy’s back.  Are any of these body positive activists chained and whipped to just an inch away from death?  Don’t insult the slaves by comparing your experiences with theirs.  Yours are NOT true suffering.

Just because you can’t attract the kind of men you wish to attract doesn’t mean the patriarchy is oppressing you.  Just because you can’t look good in the clothes the way you want doesn’t mean the shops are oppressing you.

Just because your doctor isn’t offering you a magic pill for all your conditions brought on by your eating habits doesn’t mean the medical profession is oppressing you.  Just because flights and public transport can’t accommodate you doesn’t mean transport companies are oppressing you.

Is your skin bleeding like this?  Puhlease.  The only scars you bear are pinpricks made by needles when you get your latest tattoo.  You have more than enough food and too much time on your hands to engage in such mental gymnastics.

Your suffering does NOT, in any way, come close to the slaves’ suffering.  These people deserve our pity.  I can never sit through a movie or any show about slavery and not cringe nor cry.  Their pain outweighs yours by a million times.

You’re not oppressed.  And you’ll never convince me that you are.

Wishing you fun,



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