Are you a bossy boots?

As women are increasingly educated and rise to prominent positions in organisations, there has been a deterioration in traditionally feminine ways.  ‘Strong and independent’ women put down the feminine ones as ‘weak and dainty’ in order to make themselves seem superior.

Their mentality is that qualities such as ambition, drive and aggressiveness trump gentility, flexibility and adaptability.  Well, this isn’t always the case.  In the organisations I’ve worked in, people react to traditionally feminine women differently.  Instead of bulldozing over everyone else in order to get things done, we ask nicely.  Instead of demanding our way, we’re prepared to compromise.

Feminine women don’t believe in competition; we work towards establishing peace and harmony with colleagues.  Consequently, they respond to us better and are happy to see us.  They welcome our company and seek it.  Who wouldn’t prefer to hang out with women who’re gentle and nice?


 Traditionally feminine women don’t dictate to others.  We don’t presume to know better than everyone else.  We offer an opinion, but are flexible enough to accept when others choose to do something else.  We don’t tell others how to lead their lives.  We don’t make decisions for them either.

Men who’re masculine don’t like bossy women.  They don’t appreciate being burdened with demands and suffocated by obligations.  My man would probably run if I scream when the things he does don’t ‘meet my standards’.  We might have broken up long ago if everything had to go my way.

Nobody likes a Ms Bossy Boots and believe me, I’ve met some.  They’re usually ‘strong and independent’ women and boy are they insufferable!  It gets tiresome being in their company when everything is only about them.  So don’t be a Ms Bossy Boots.  Lighten up.  Not everything has to be life or death serious.

Life is short – just go with the flow!

Wishing you fun,



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