Stop telling men what ‘real men’ do

Every so often, we see such images floating around online:

Much of the time, these images are posted by women bitter over a break-up or trying to shame their men into doing what they want.  If men were to do it, there would be outrage.  SJWs and feminists would swarm down on them in droves, screaming them into submission.

Is it fair to expect men to live up to a bunch of expectations?  Are we, as women, also bringing value into their lives?  I’ll tell you what it’s like to live with a real man: he is what he is – a flawed human being, just like you and me.

Radical feminists and SJWs scream that men are misogynists for having expectations of women.  Then why are we coming up with and spreading hypocritical messages like the above?  Are we not doing the same as we accuse them of?


Real men are people.  They’re not perfect.  They’ll try their best to make you happy and all they ask in return is some appreciation and love.  Is it too much?  Are these ridiculous demands?  Can they be met, realistically speaking?

Of course!  Men and women function differently but their needs when it comes to love are similar.  They seek somebody who’ll relax with them, who they can be themselves with.  Somebody who provides that safe haven after a hard day’s work.

If men make our lives hell, do we not leave?  Then why do we blame men for leaving if they’ve tried and just cannot succeed at making us happy because all we want is more and more?  Give men a break.  Give ‘real men should’ a rest.

We’ll be happier women if we learn the art of contentment.

Wishing you fun,



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