#BodyLove 2016 – Duck stew porridge

The weather is getting cold and rainy here in Singapore : )  While everyone starts grumbling about how chilly or inconvenient it is, I revel in the cooler climate.  It’s the perfect excuse for tasty, nutritious and piping hot comfort food!

Healthy eating doesn’t mean one can’t indulge in red meat.  Many recipes I shared here feature lamb and pork (yum forever).  Duck is another matter altogether.  It’s difficult to cook and best left to the specialists.  1 such stall is a duck porridge stall found in Macpherson.


The porridge is thick, fluffy, gooey and soft.  The generous stall owner gives customers chunks of duck meat.  You can request for the porridge to be drenched in gravy, just like mine.  Then, mix it all up and devour!!!

All this for less than S$5/-, far cheaper than a standard MacDonald’s meal, let alone an upsized one and a lot more nutritious too!  Indulge in your favourite porridge this rainy season.  After all, we need to keep warm : )

Wishing you fun,



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