#BodyLove 2016 – Dare to be ‘shallow’!

‘Don’t shame me, but I can shame you’scream shriek speak the actions of the hypocritical LIARS in the body positive community.  Any opinion we voice that isn’t what they want to hear?  We’re accused of shaming.

But they can shame everyone else with passive aggressive statements such as:

You like slender women?  You’re so shallow.

Slim women are vain, shallow and vapid.

That is in addition to other real men love curves, slender figures are twigs, anorexics, 12-year-old boys, blah blah blah double standards *yawn*  If placing importance on personal appearance makes me shallow, then so be it.  I’m VERY shallow!

Wearing the appropriate clothes to meet different people at different venues shows respect – respect for myself, respect for my companion(s) AND respect for the place at which we visit.  When we show respect to others, they usually reciprocate.

If we turn up at gatherings or functions looking like slobs, we’re showing a tremendous lack of respect in the exact same manner.  So what right do we have to demand respect?  After all, respect is earned.  It is NOT an entitlement.

We do not DESERVE respect, we earn it.


If we don’t take care of ourselves, we’re not showing our bodies respect.  People see it and treat us accordingly.  This might be a reason some body positive activists claim they experience discrimination.  If they don’t respect themselves enough to even make an effort to groom themselves, they shouldn’t demand that others respect them.

Clothes and accessories needn’t be expensive.  When we make an effort, people around us can tell.  So if you aren’t already doing so, dare to be shallow in 2016!  If you think you deserve better, be prepared to work for it.

Wishing you fun,



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