BMI is inaccurate?

It only takes 1 thing to show how delusional some radical feminists and SJWs can be when it comes to medical or health indicators.  Obesity rates in the US are far higher than in Asia.  Countries who’re more tolerant towards fat acceptance communities also suffer from higher obesity rates.

It begets the question whether or not the research results showing that fat shaming doesn’t work are accurate.  After all, it’s stigma in society that cause those who deviate from the norm to improve themselves.  When stigma is removed, people become complacent because there’s no motivation to change.

Anyway, whether fat acceptance is harmful to society isn’t the point of this entry.  What I want to draw your attention to are the low levels the HAES community will stoop to in order to dissuade any of their members from taking steps to improve their health.  They’re repeating, ad nauseum, that the BMI doesn’t accurately reflect what is a healthy weight.


Haaaaaaang on a second!

At present, the only way to have an accurate picture of your health is to undergo a full medical check-up.  Some body positive members who sorely lack confidence accuse their doctors of fat shaming.  They also refuse to be weighed due to sheer embarrassment.  You know what?  They avoid seeking medical treatment or go to other doctors who’ll tell them what they want to hear.

The BMI may not be perfect, sure.  It doesn’t take into account skeletal frames.  Some people have bigger bones.  It doesn’t take into account the fact that some athletes have a lot of body mass.  Thus, although they seem to be overweight, they may actually be healthier and fitter than those of us who’re trim.

HOWEVER.  For the vast majority, the BMI is still a good indicator of what our healthy weight should be.  To dismiss it simply because of 2 factors that don’t apply is typical of the HAES community, which will grasp at any straw just to spread lies to the other members.  Don’t believe them!

I maintain my BMI at 21 or less and I’m full of energy!  How good it feels to be light on our feet, to be nimble and agile AND to walk quickly everywhere without stopping to pant or slowing down to a lumbering pace!  For us normal folks, the BMI provides a good enough guide.  Don’t dismiss it so readily!

Wishing you fun,



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