#BodyLove 2016 – flutter shorts are so pretty

In a previous entry, I wrote that shorts can be girly if we match them with the right top, bag, shoes and accessories.  But women, being women (except bizarre modern feminists and SJWs), sometimes we want something a little more feminine and yet are as comfortable as shorts.

Flutter shorts, or mermaid shorts, are the answer wonderful fashion has provided us.  The ruffles at the hem are so sweet and pretty, I can’t resist them!  In fact, I bought them in wine red, navy, black and white 😛  They go with so many casual tops!

Because they’re so girly, they go well with heels and wedges.  I frequently wear these shoes with flutter shorts.  Ballet flats add a sweet touch if you want to spend the day traipsing from shop to shop for more clothes and accessories!


So if you have a gorgeous set of pins, show them off on weekends in shorts!  These fantastic wardrobe staples can be dressed up or down and paired with so many different accessories to achieve different looks.

When the weather heats up and you want to be comfortable as well as stylish, reach for a pair of shorts.  Honestly, whoever designed them deserves a Nobel Peace prize.  Well, yeah, they improved our lives, you know? 😛

Wishing you fun,



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