Just let loose!

In a previous entry, I wrote about having fun.  Regardless of size, the ability to have fun is a vanishing quality in countries with strong feminist and social justice movements.  Trying to turn the world into an idealistic utopia where political correctness reigns supreme results in a lot of resentment, pent-up or otherwise.

People are angry.  There doesn’t appear to be a ceasefire in sight where gender wars are concerned.  Has it occurred to anyone that wrath and fury cause us human beings to be less attractive and endearing?  Why add to the stress we experience at work?  Shouldn’t our leisure be spent on more relaxing activities?


Imagine a world so politically correct that comedians are restricted to only certain topics.  They can’t poke fun at anything under the sun in order to elicit laughs.  Comedies are heavily vetted and censored lest they cause public outrage.  Does it sound like torment to you?  It sure sounds like prison to me.

This is what is happening in the US.  Nicole Arbour, a Canadian comedian, ridicules for laughs.  She’s done it for all groups of people, but when she released a Youtube video titled ‘Dear Fat People’, boy was she crucified.

The backlash was so bad that Youtube temporarily suspended the video even when it was simply satire.  People have become so hypersensitive that they take offence at the slightest thing.  How does anyone have fun at all?


Living in a society filled with angst and dour faces – is this what the radical feminists and SJWs are trying to achieve?  If so, they MUST be stopped.  A grey, dull and boring way of life is a meaningless way to exist.  Might as well just lock ourselves in prison for the rest of our lives.

Just let loose.  Have fun.  Tolerance and acceptance includes room for what is politically incorrect but extremely funny.  I hope our society never deteriorates to such miserable levels.

Wishing you fun,



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