Tattoos aren’t for me

Angelina Jolie is 1 of the sexiest women in the world; she’s also known for her many tattoos.

Hot as.

There’re people who view tattoos as art; a friend sports a geisha on 1 side of her torso.  Over the years, friends have asked me to be tattooed together with them but to this day, I’ve politely turned them down.  First of all, after getting my ears pierced many years back, the pain was horrendous!

While tattoos are nice on someone as gorgeous as Angelina Jolie, not all of us can carry it off with the same panache.  While they might look acceptable – even cool – when we’re younger and the ink is still fresh, I’ve seen faded tattoos on aging men and it’s enough to turn me off having one for good.

Adding to that is the fact that, unless the tattoos are done very tastefully, they tend to make people look trashy.  There’s still the view that tattooed women aren’t as respectable and classy as those without, no matter how inspiring the message or cute the picture might be.  It’s how our minds are wired, perhaps.  To me, tattoos are a form of body mutilation.


There’s a reason why decent, good men still prefer women without tattoos, although if the woman is hot enough, they’ll find her sexy regardless of the ink.  Personally, they don’t fit my personality.  I’m not trailer trash; I don’t need to declare to the world how modern, strong and independent I am.

So far, I’m happy enough with my body and cherish it enough to take care of it.  Why ruin all that discipline by covering my skin with permanent marks which will fade and look awful years down the road?  There’re better ways to accessorise when going out; that’s what jewellery is for.

I’m a traditionally feminine woman and proud of it.  So no, other women are free to get inked all they want, but it’s not for me.  I don’t need to announce to the world that I’m cool, new age, avant garde or whatever.  I’m happy with myself, as is.

Wishing you fun,



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