Fat acceptance increases obesity

There has been research showing that shaming obese people doesn’t work.  In fact, it reportedly makes them eat even more!  I’ll never understand this logic – if we feel shame, naturally we’ll find ways and means to improve ourselves so that we can feel better about ourselves, right?

As American society grows more and more politically correct, people tiptoe around the massive heavyweights’ feelings.  One can’t mention health without being accused of fat shaming nowadays.  That’s a pity.  Because in societies where fat shaming is present (anyway, it’s criticism, NOT shaming), people don’t balloon to the size of large mammals.

Coincidentally, in countries where fat acceptance has taken root and is growing, obesity levels have skyrocketed over the years.  I read in some articles that the average American woman’s waistline is 34 inches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That’s even larger than many men’s waistlines here, OMG.


The UK, Australia and New Zealand face the same problem.  There is talk about how to resolve the obesity issue, but until fat acceptance is eradicated, all those measures will not work.  The government can provide subsidies on healthy, fresh food, but if people are lazy or greedy, they’re just going to continue eating junk anyway.

Fat acceptance causes the overweight to be complacent – since there’re increasing plus-sized stores catering to their clothing needs and since they’re no longer shamed, what rush is there to lose the weight?  This is the reason politically correct countries where fat shaming is frowned upon face obesity problems.

The answer to the issue is not about looking at what external means can be provided to the heavyweights.  They won’t change unless they want to and shaming is the best incentive for them to do so.  Some former fatties already shed the weight because of the wake-up call they received.

The answer has always been right in front of their eyes.

Wishing you fun,



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