Face shots?

I wrote about leaving the US years ago and only recently catching up on what has been happening in society there.  Prior to that, I’d never heard of the terms ‘catfish’, ‘catfished’ or ‘catfishing’.  There was even a show titled Catfish on TV there! :O  It was so interesting that I read my fill when my man is busy.

So what do those terms mean?  Well, some people set up online dating profiles and put up misleading information in order to entice people to know them.  Invariably, when they meet up, their dates are disappointed to realise that these people aren’t really what they seemed in their online dating profiles.

For example, some men lie about their height.  Thinking that women like tall men, they add a few inches when they set up their dating profiles.  Their dates meet them and find out that they’re actually shorter.  Or some folks exaggerate their jobs and income when they actually earn a lot less.


By far, the most stories online about being catfished centre around fat women.  Men have grown wise to the tricks the overweight ladies use in their online dating profiles.  For example, they know that athletic may still mean fat.  Curvy may still mean fat.  Average may still mean fat.

They’re also wary of profiles with mainly head shots because fat women try to hide their bodies.  They warn one another about MySpace angles, i.e. photos shot at an angle that shows cleavage but obscures the rest of the figure, or some tricky shots of only legs.

One wonders what is the purpose of this.  At the end of the day, bodies are attached to heads.  Fat women may cake their faces with makeup and look gorgeous, but it’s still dishonesty.  Isn’t it better to be upfront so that people know what they’re getting into?  At least if they contact you, they’ll like you because of what they actually see, not what they can’t.

Food for thought.

Wishing you fun,



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