#BodyLove 2016- don’t starve!

For you ladies who want to try leading a healthier lifestyle, please DO NOT EVER starve yourself!  Deliberately skipping meals to fast track your weight loss will not only take a huge toll on your body system, it’ll also cause you to look pale, gaunt and frail from the lack of proper nutrition!


Barbequed stingray

In this entry, I’ll show you 4 dishes which my man and I had with our carbs.  It’s all fresh food and the quantity is by no means little!  It’s a very balanced meal that provides enough energy till the next meal and proper nutrition for our systems.  If our bodies have adequate nutrients, there won’t be super cravings nor hunger pangs.


Shrimp and onion omelette

All this was consumed for a meal WITH BEER on Christmas Day too, so don’t believe that in order to be healthy, you can’t have any indulgence.  It’s too severe an existence for us normal folks who aren’t in the fitness profession.  Like everything else, moderation is key.


Roast chicken quarter

I’ve never known anyone eating the portions we do who starve and have malnutrition problems.  In fact, everyone doesn’t get hungry before their next meal.  None of us is anorexic; neither do we have an unhealthy obsession with food and calorie-counting.  We eat well and we’re active.  That is all there is to it.


Sambal spinach

If we love our bodies, then shouldn’t we treat them well?  They’re the vehicles for our souls.  We need them to take us places and engage in activities.  Why shouldn’t we oil those engines and maintain those vehicles in order to keep them in tip top condition so that they don’t keep breaking down?

Don’t diss it before you try it.  Sure, results may not be as quick as if you go to the extremes with weight loss, but the objective here is to remain healthy.  Keep those meals balanced and eat fresh.  The weight will gradually peel off.  Not only will your body feel good, you’ll be much more confident!

Wishing you fun,



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