Body Positive – healthy mind, healthy body image

It’s difficult to start a dialogue with the body positive community without being attacked by the more delusional members.  Any mention of health is met with aggression, defensiveness and downright viciousness.

These loony bins project their insecurities onto everyone and expect us to understand why they’re bullies.  How about NO?  If you have issues, YOU need to resolve them.  It doesn’t give you the right to take it out on anyone else nor shut anyone up.

Similarly, when it comes to health, the LIARS spread untruths amongst the community members, preventing their friends from embracing a healthier lifestyle.  They quote pseudo-science as a means to justify their bad eating habits.

Reading their rants and nonsensical posts, I wonder if they’re right in the head.  Their arguments are very flawed; they don’t seem to have any logic.  If they’re in denial about themselves, it’s impossible to help them.  And nobody should waste any more effort on the hopeless.

However, with the more sensible body positive members, there is hope that we can convince them to improve their lives.  We can convince them to think of their loved ones and how happy they would be to have them around longer (as opposed to the very selfish body positive mantra ‘do it for yourself, not anyone else’).

While it’s frustrating to argue with the shouty, delusional cows, it’s worth fighting against them to expose their lies if we can raise awareness amongst the more sensible body positive members.  They can be helped because they WANT to be helped.

I hope as 2015 comes to a close and we enter 2016, we’re able to reach out and lend our support towards the ones who want to lead healthier lifestyles.

Wishing you fun,



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