Meat meat meat

Reading the body positive LIARS’ claims that they survived on kale, celery and carrot sticks in order to reduce their obesity levels has me shaking my head in disbelief.  What kind of garbage are they poisoning their members’ minds with???!!!

Puhlease, you don’t need to go vegan and you don’t need to abstain from meat at all.  If healthy eating only entails eating plants, then this girl is outta there, pronto! 😛  The fact is, you CAN eat meat and there’re different yummy cuts of fresh meat to choose from!


Assam pork belly with a side salad is served with a small plate of sliced baguette (that’s the plate immediately next to the dish).  It’s a balanced meal that is tasty and satisfying and keeps me full until the next meal *burp*

Pork belly contains fat, yes.  It’s also the world’s most natural collagen.  Why pay more dollars for far more expensive plant extract collagen (mixed with artificial CHEMICALS) when this natural collagen is yummier and cheaper?

When you embark on your journey to being healthier, there will be many others who try to dissuade you and sabotage your progress.  You may even be ostracised.  However, you’ll find others who’re on the same journey and, ultimately, such friendships are more rewarding because you’re bettering yourselves together.

Why let such negative people weigh you down and keep you from trying?

Wishing you fun,



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