Are men to blame for impossible beauty standards?

People blame impossible/unrealistic beauty standards for their body image issues and no wonder.  We’re bombarded by tons of images of beautiful people in the media and on social media.  But if women don’t feel confident about themselves, are men really to blame?

If we’re consistently comparing ourselves to the genetically blessed – or modified with cosmetic surgery – it’s inevitable that we think we fall short.  We think that men will only accept us if we look like gorgeous celebrities and models.  We blame men for imposing these beauty standards on us, but really, did they?

Let’s be fair.  Online, many of them agree that they don’t need somebody who looks like a porn star.  Heck, they can accept that normal people have flaws.  They even acknowledge that models are airbrushed and photoshopped to death in magazines.  In short, men are more accepting than we give them credit for!


I’m not perfect.  Not gorgeous.  Not drop-dead beautiful.  Neither are the many women who enjoy fulfilling and meaningful relationships.  What we have is sufficient confidence not to project our own body image issues and inadequacies onto anyone else.

There’re plus-sized women who happily state online that they never had any problem with men and getting dates.  Why is Oprah happily attached?  Why is Melissa McCarthy happily married?  Are their men imposing unrealistic beauty standards on them?

Before the push for body diversity in media, these women were contentedly leading their own lives.  Sure, it’s good business for them to hop on the body image wagon to boost their popularity and fan base; otherwise, they were leading good lives.

Negative body image stems from within ourselves.  These radiant plus-sized celebrities didn’t need a community to boost their self esteem enough to dress in flattering clothes.  They just did.  Impossible beauty standards are men’s fault?  Nah, not really.

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2 thoughts on “Are men to blame for impossible beauty standards?

  1. Not at all. Beauty and fertility are what attracts us to woman, and that’s isn’t really much considering what attracts a woman to US is like 500 things. I’d rather be a woman and only have to worry about being pretty, somewhat young, and nice.


    • Yeah and it’s not as impossible as some of these women make it out to be. Exercising isn’t hard; neither is dieting. And just… don’t be a slob. Unless they’re aiming above their league, they will find a decent guy.


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