Remember to have fun

With the emergence of GIRL POWER, there has been a shift in relationship dynamics over the years.  We see strong and independent women in the movies and on TV.  Charlie’s Angels, Sex N The City are just 2 examples of sassy women kicking ass.

Elsewhere, radical feminists and SJWs similarly take pride in their intelligence, careers, degrees and the ability to write long and boring dissertations.  But while interacting with them, it doesn’t take long to realise that……

They lack humour and a fun and mischievous streak.  So determined are they to prove that they’re capable, strong and independent, so saddled are they by burdens nobody asked them to take on their shoulders, they’ve forgotten what it’s like to be carefree and laugh.

In short, they’ve become…… bloody boring.


My man and I share numerous lighthearted moments teasing each other.  On those days he feels like a power walk instead of his usual run, we head to the park at night.  There, he does stupid things and clowns around and I join in.  We laugh at how silly we look.

On some nights, we become kids again and go crazy at the playground next to the park.  We sit on the swings, purposely dragging our feet in the sand because, as adults, our legs are too long now.  We play on the seesaws.  We climbed up a structure and he laughed like mad because I didn’t dare to climb down after (hate being scared of heights!).

I hide his iPad when he plays too many games and neglects me.  He then has to try and locate it (and bribe me, heh :P).  After all this time together, we still find ways to inject fun into the relationship.  It helps keep us sane.

Life is too short to waste it being serious all the time.  It makes us so boring if we forget how to play.  Wholesome fun is what the SJWs and radical feminists seem to have forgotten.

Wishing you fun,



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