Is beauty a social construct?

I don’t know who came up with the phrase ‘beauty is a social construct’, but the radical feminists and SJWs have vomited it all over the internet thereafter.  Here in Singapore, it’s a relatively new idea.  How many of you have heard of it?  Well, according to the theory, we perceive ideal beauty due to what we see in the media.

The radical feminists and SJWs claim that the perfect body is perpetuated through magazines, advertisements, movies, TV, etc, and since all the photos and images are photoshopped to death, it sets unrealistic standards of beauty which no women could live up to.  It also causes men to only think that 1 type of body – slender – is beautiful.

This is the reason for the push to include more diverse bodies in the media and why plus-sized and obese-sized models are cheered on whereas the naturally thin models are criticised as anorexic.  What the body positive community hopes is that it will level the playing field for them, so that men will find their larger bodies attractive too.

So is beauty really a social construct?  Hmm.


Maybe.  Exposure usually broadens one’s perceptions and views, so why not beauty?  This is the reason cosmetic ads are air-brushed to perfection.  Models’ faces need to look flawless so as to best showcase the foundation, 2-way cakes and rouge.  The same applies for skincare products.

What about bodies?  The jury still seems to be out here.  On the 1 hand, there’re arguments such as the title of this entry; then there’re studies showing that men’s preferences still haven’t changed despite all the publicity for heavier bodies.  Sure, they may find some of them attractive, but they still prefer slender ladies.

I can’t draw any conclusions from this.  After all, I’ve always found voluptuous women lovely too.  Ultimately, does it matter?  If we take care of our bodies as best as we can, we should feel proud of our achievements.  If we’re healthy and can be active often, what need is there to be ashamed?

Wishing you fun,



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