Clothes for skinny minnies

If you haven’t checked out Ninth Collective yet, you really should!  Skinny gals can fit into just about anything easily without the hassle of having to return online purchases as frequently.  This is despite less body diversity for us to relate to : )

We’re so……………….. not privileged at all *sigh*  Anyway, customers are spoiled for choice at the online retailer.  There’re so many designs available for us to mix and match to our hearts’ content!  Sharing with you some of my favourite new arrivals : )

If you’re into girly and stylish clothes, then this website is for you!  Choose from jumpsuits, dresses, sweet blouses to skirts and shorts.  Their sale section is also worth a browse because you never know what bargains you can scoop up!

I especially love colours which can be matched with neutrals, so the many pretty separates are VERY welcome, indeed 😛  For those of you who’re looking for corporate wear, there’s a large selection of those as well.


Wishing you fun,



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