Desperation stinks

Lauren, the owner of Bought The House wrote that women shouldn’t sleep with men we barely know in a very meaningful entry.  If you’re interested, you can read more here.  I hope that her relationship advice will help more women who’re looking for something more meaningful than a hook-up.

Some months back, when my man took me along to Semarang for a business trip, we met up with his business partner, R.  He was very kind and hospitable during our stay : )  When he drove us to the airport, there was a little girl seated in the front passenger seat.  Turns out it was his neighbour’s daughter.

While the men chatted, I had a little yak with the 8-year-old girl.  Horrors of horrors, she revealed that she had crushes on some of the handsome boys in school and freely admitted to chasing them!  I didn’t know the men were listening as I gently admonished her and told her how to act around boys 😛


“No no no girlie, you don’t chase boys!” I said to her, smilingly.  “Chasing is for boys.  Your job is to let the boys chase you and pick the one who’ll best take care of you.”  Suddenly, R chimed in.  “You should learn from her.  Be gentle, be girly.  Boys like it.”

The mistake women make when they first start dating is to be overly-eager.  They start badgering their dates, thinking that it would bring them closer.  They think sending the guys texts daily would show that they’re making the effort.  With some dudes, it works.  With many, it doesn’t.

Coming on too strong will only seem desperate and clingy and believe me, guys can smell a woman reeking of desperation VERY easily!  And they instinctively run in the opposite direction : /  If I’d behaved like a woman desperate for love from ANY man, my man would probably have vanished during the initial dating stage 😛

It’s far better for women to respect themselves by not chasing men.  After all, it’s a good feeling to know they like us enough to make an effort to chase us, right? : )  Then after they’ve caught us, it’s our turn to love them as a reward 😛

Wishing you fun,



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