Roosh V is a role model for American men???!!!

So I’ve written about us women and what we can do to lead healthier lifestyles.  There’re tons of good role models for us, but what about American guys?  Roosh V brought us Fat Shaming Week in 2013 which was hilarious (if you’re not the hypersensitive type, that is :P).  He was also a guest on the Dr Oz show in 2014.

Roosh V’s Return of Kings is a platform for men to talk about men’s issues – politics, improvement and women.  Many American dudes visit the website for tips and to interact with one another.  There have also been some spectacular wars between them and feminists in the comments section of some articles.

Since this guy has proclaimed himself to be an expert on women and freely criticises them, AND since he portrays himself to be an alpha male who young American guys take as a role model, one would expect him to scrub up like Donald Trump, right?  Well, let’s take a look at what the great Roosh V looks like.


Holy crap!!!!!!!

Behold, what a self-proclaimed alpha male looks like:

What the???!!!

This is the next Donald Trump??? 😛


Excuse me while I politely try not to laugh.

The real alpha male.

A man who makes the most of his looks shows that he takes care of himself.  This includes dressing well, SHAVING, COMBING HIS HAIR and looking clean.  He built an empire, carries himself with utmost confidence, stands by his words even when he’s accused of misogyny.

If you haven’t seen Roosh’s whining after his appearance on Dr Oz, you should Google it and contrast his reaction to The Donald’s.  Then we’ll see who’s the true alpha male.  And American men who take Roosh as their role model?  What, are they aspiring to be unkempt slobs now???!!! 😛



Guys guys guys, you want to bash women for looking like crap and not bothering with their appearance, yet, a slob is all that you aspire to be???  Aren’t you the same entitled snowflakes you accuse young women of being? 😛  What ‘improvement’ has this self-proclaimed alpha male done to himself? 😛

If you want a role model for alpha behaviour, it’s time to follow some other men who exemplify the traits of an alpha male.  Does it make sense to hold up a whiny slob as a hero? 😛  Get your act together!  Women don’t hate you, but if this is all you can offer them, why would THEY be motivated to improve themselves?

After all, don’t you always say that women should let the men lead? 😛

Wishing you fun,



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