Have yourselves a bloody confident Christmas!

Christmas this year falls on a long weekend.  YAY!!! 😀  What plans do you have?  Well, I’m heading to the hospital to keep my sick relative company and, afterwards, my man and I will have a special dinner complete with champagne.

The next day, after visiting my sick relative again, we’re whisking ourselves away for a quick getaway! 😀  I’ve packed the outfits which I want to wear, the shoes and the accessories to match!  It’s exciting to spend Christmas elsewhere! 😀

Some women label us shallow and vapid, but there’s nothing wrong with making an effort.  Yes, comfort is important, but so is looking presentable.  It helps me feel confident when interacting with everyone else : )


We don’t need to look like Victoria’s Secret models to have self esteem.  They’re genetically blessed or got the necessary cosmetic surgery to land the jobs they do.  Those of us who don’t want to go to that extent can still feel good about ourselves on a daily basis.

It’s up to us to improve our body image.  Otherwise no matter how many photos the body activists post, no matter how many talks they organise and you attend, no matter how many posts you read, it’s not going to help.

When we score well for exams, when we grab that promotion, when we achieve recognition and acknowledgement for our work, we glow with pride.  We revel in the fruit of our labour.  So what is stopping us from enjoying the rewards from our efforts, appearance-wise?

This Christmas, work on yourself.  Develop your own ways to have more confidence.  Then go and radiate that positivity outwards.  You’ll feel happier, livelier and more cheerful than you could ever imagine.  All the best and Merry Christmas!

Wishing you fun,



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