The age of social media narcissism

I don’t like Roosh V.  There, I said it.  Radical feminists and SJWs sometimes point out that I read the articles in Return of Kings and take it that I’m his supporter/fan.  No, I’m not.  He behaves exactly like the women he complains about – he’s no looker, he’s a slob and yet he demands quality women.

Ugly men and their ludicrous standards (thanks Chateau Heartiste, for the line!).

Regardless of what I think of Roosh, it doesn’t mean that some of the posts in Return of Kings are garbage.  Some of them contain sensible advice and valid points.  For example, back in the days before Facebook and Instagram, people’s lives were simpler.  Interaction was pleasant and purely for the sake of interacting than for social media likes.

It’s now a race to see which narcissist can gain more followers and more fans.  But what exactly is the purpose of that?  To be the next Tess Munster?  Money?  Publicity?  Or simply to gratify one’s own ego? *puzzled*


I don’t have an Instagram account.  My life is led away from the cyber world.  The social media account I have functions as a disk drive, so that I may upload the photos I take with friends and family and free up space in my phone.  The account is private.

The world doesn’t need to know what I’m doing right now, whether I’m shopping, what dresses I’m thinking of buying, what food I’m eating, what I’m doing with people I love, etc.  My life isn’t an album containing reality TV-esque photos.

This blog is enough to share parts of my life, thoughts and opinions, as well as to share what I know about healthy eating.  It’s also to help ladies clueless about taking care of themselves so that they can figure out where to start.

How meaningful can relationships be if we need to broadcast whatever we’re doing and neglect the person(s) we’re spending time with?  Does the world exist to gratify our egos now?  Are we evolving into a population of narcissists?

Food for thought.

Wishing you fun,



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