Are many American women nightmares?

After returning to Singapore for years, I missed the US.  This led to reading voraciously about what has been happening since I left and boy was there tons to catch up on!  What was perplexing at first was the complaints American guys had about American women.

I couldn’t believe at first that this was how American women behaved but there’re so many of these comments that there must be some truth to them.  Terms like hypergamy, c*ck carousel, radical feminists and SJWs are new to me, but if they can happen in the good US of A, they can just as well come to Singapore.

There’s no way I could tell it the way an American dude can, however.  So here is a post titled 9 reasons to not date girls in New York.  Some of his older posts are also quite sensible.  I agree with some and disagree with others, but surprise surprise, he’s been very polite!


If I’d behaved towards him the way radical feminists and SJWs do when they disagree with an opinion, perhaps he wouldn’t have been so cordial and respectful.  They don’t seem to have much by way of social skills if they can’t agree to disagree peacefully.

After encountering these crazy women and their warped ideas of what ‘real women’ are, I can understand why American men increasingly opt out of marriage.  I can’t stand these hags after just 1 interaction; who would want to sign up for a lifetime of that???!!!

It’s a good read, so if you have the time, have a look at the post.  I hope to read more from him soon : )

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2 thoughts on “Are many American women nightmares?

  1. Two days after I wrote the article you referred to in this article, I was chatting with a girl at the bar and decided to buy her and her friend a round of drinks on me since they were sweet. There was a fat woman who was part of their social circle, and I had tried talking to her 5 minutes before I bought the drinks by cracking some corny but respectful joke and was then verbally ignored and given a mean stink-face. Anyways while I’m waiting for the drinks the pretty girl in the group that I had my eyes on taps me on the shoulder to tell me to buy one more drink. I thoguht this was pretty rude since I’m the one paying and wasn’t introduced to anyone else besides her and her single friend who I was already buying a drink for, but when I asked who it was for and she pointed to the fat chick I almost had a heart attack! I told her “your friend didn’t even introduce herself to me, and was rude to me 5 minutes ago when I tried talking to her. I’m not an ATM, sorry.” They didn’t take me seriously so when the drinks came and she didn’t have one waiting for her, they all flipped out on me and the fat girl said it’s okay she’ll buy her own drink, but not before shoving me against the wall on her walk to the bartender. When I asked her why she pushed me, she replies “Because you’re in my way and I can do whatever I want to anyone I want!” I knew I was going to either get slapped, a drink thrown in my face, or jumped by thirsty white knights trying to look like a hero to bang her 2 pretty friends, but I did it anyways and replied “you’re just a mean asshole right now because you’re upset that you can’t compete with a single girl here.” She flipped out and 2 out of the 3 things happened (slapped and drink thrown at me). But it’s ok, I dumped my Heineken all over her hair, and when her friend threw a drink at me too, I threw one right back at her face. Nobody white-knighted for them because it turns out that more then 50% of the girls there that night were fleecing men for drinks all night, and it was extremely packed that night. By that point in the night, I’m assuming dudes were already fed up with the women there, either that or they assumed that fat woman was just upset that I rejected her.

    Either way….only in America do women have the balls and lack of class to do things like this. If you did this in Croatia, you would be completely out of friends the next day, but in America you’re cheered on and called a strong independent woman.


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