#BodyPositive – you don’t need to be obsessive with food to eat healthily

Slim people have an unhealthy obsession with food.

Slim people live on carrot sticks/lettuce leaves/celery stalks.

Slim people starve themselves to be thin.

How many times have you heard or read about these lies?

How many times have you read the comments section of articles and shaken your head at the delusional remarks left by body positive activists and their ridiculous allegations about slim folks’ eating habits?  What is even more hilarious is when they get soooooo indignant when their lies are busted.


During Diwali, the Indian festival of lights, my man and I savoured some delicious prata with curry gravy after our walk to the market to buy fresh food.  Afterwards, we packed more tasty dishes back to eat while watching movies.  It was a public holiday after all; might as well have a good rest.



This isn’t starving, unless we’re talking about feeding elephants, hippos and rhinoceroses.  These are healthy, hearty portions for normal human beings and we’re able to remain slim.  Our meals consist of carbohydrates, fresh meat, eggs and vegetables.  We aren’t malnourished, anorexic nor bulimic.


Breaded chicken cutlet, potato salad, coleslaw and baby carrots.  This isn’t what a person who’s anorexic eats.  Plenty of slim folks eat this way.  They don’t nibble on lettuce leaves like rabbits.  Yes, we do eat salads from time to time because we like our body systems cleansed.  But it doesn’t mean we eat that all the time.


Chicken rice – a mix of carbohydrates, protein and veggies in the form of beansprouts and sliced cucumber and tomato underneath the chicken.  And it’s delicious!

Body positive activists perpetuate these lies because too few people call them out on them.  Yes, there’s a number who do, but too few actually show that one can remain slim AND not need to starve.  If more normal slim folks – I’m not talking about fitness professionals here – can bust these lies, then fewer people will be misled.

And doing one’s best to adopt healthy eating habits actually leads to better body image.  For those of you with common sense, do something for yourselves.  It’s never too late.

Wishing you fun,



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