#BodyPositive – shorts can be girly too

When the weather is warm, I frequently wish I could live in shorts.  Alas, they’re not appropriate for the office.  For casual weekends, however, they’re a godsend.  Not only are they comfortable, they’re also fantastic when temperatures soar outside.

I wear them a lot when visiting my ill relative in hospital on Saturdays and Sundays.  It’s easier to help with the physiotherapy exercises.  Afterwards, I can still go out shopping and eating if I pair them with cute tops!

In the US, there was the complaint that the people are turning into a nation of slobs.  Apparently, that’s because women wear yoga pants everywhere or don’t bother to groom themselves.  Few can be bothered to dress properly.  Shorts, however, can be dressed up or down depending on where we’re going!


Pair them with pretty tops, girly shoes, bag and simple accessories and we’re ready to hit the shops, meet girl friends for coffee, watch movies and basically do all those wonderful activities we want to do during our leisure!

Make an effort regardless of what you’re wearing.  It helps us feel good about ourselves and shows that we’re not lazy when it comes to our personal appearance – an important aspect of our lives.  Taking care of ourselves demonstrates respect for our bodies.  Consequently, we receive better service everywhere.

There’re so many great designs available that you’ll definitely find the right pair(s) for yourselves.  I have tons of them in different colours and designs.  Let’s just say they’re a wardrobe staple that I can’t do without, ever!

Wishing you fun,



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