This is what a social justice warrior looks like

There’re many articles about social justice online.  It’s interesting to read about how people feel towards this issue and the activists behind the movement to fight for more equality in societies.  Not everyone is happy with them and the reasons are many.

When social justice warriors accuse others of bullying, they forget that the biggest bullies are themselves.  No other group is so intent on censoring, banning and silencing in the cyber world and they make use of social media to do so.

The process is simple.  First, these hateful individuals find an opportunity to be offended by whatever it is they are offended by – which is pretty much everything nowadays.  That’s the cue for them to believe they’re victims.


‘Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!  My fee fees!!!!!!!!!!!!  They’re victim-shaming me!!!!!!!!!!!!’

Next, they decide that they need to fight for their right not to be shamed by being aggressive and hostile towards their victims enemies, which is frequently, the patriarchy.  They arrive in numbers, ready to bully the enemy into submission.


‘Down with the patriarchy!  Our bodies are not meant for your boner!  Stop sexualising/objectifying us!!!  ROARRRRRRRRR!!!’

And they don’t stop until they’ve completely destroyed whoever they set out to destroy, frequently businesses that feature attractive models, men who like slim women, slim women themselves and feminine women.

The resentment people feel towards these social justice warriors seems to be mounting as they censored and banned anything they don’t want to see under the guise of protecting the groups they want to protect.


‘Down with Nicole Arbour!  Down with all slim chicks!!!’

Look guys, calm the heck down.  You’ll be much happier if you’ll live and let live.  Hang out with your kind.  Don’t infringe upon the rights of those who don’t subscribe to your beliefs.  And the world would be a much better place.

Wishing you fun,



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