Encounter with a fat woman and scrumptious chicken wings

I was shopping at Seafolly at Level 1, Great World City.  A very cute pair of board shorts caught my eye and I just HAD to get it!  There was a fat woman in there and she stared, unsmiling, at Yen Ling and me as we walked past her to the changing room.  When we got out, she was at the cashier, paying.

She had quite a few mix and match bikinis in front of her.  As she switched the colour combos, I gathered up the courage to tell her that 1 was particularly nice.  The bikini top and bottom were in vibrant colours.  The top was patterned, the bottom was plain.  Suddenly, she smiled and we had a chat over which combos would work best before she paid.

Told you I’m not a fat shamer!!!  I only dislike the hyper-aggressive and mean members of the Fat Acceptance and HAES movements, the illogical arguments they vomit and the lies they spread, thereby preventing other people from being motivated to eat more healthily.  Some of them just didn’t know where to start!

Some SJWs and feminists ignorantly asked me to try and help the overweight when I was simply stating a fact in 1 of those online articles.  My blog URL is clearly stated in my profile and, if they actually bothered to look instead of vomiting their politically-correct bullshit online, they would know I’m already sharing what I know.



Anyhoo, we all need to indulge sometimes.  Well in my case, I probably prove the FAM and HAES members wrong by not being obsessed with calorie-counting 😛  They and their lies, lies, lies!!!


My man’s family had a gathering.  So there we all were at Saizeriya – parents, children, siblings, wives, etc, passing dishes, munching on yummy food and chattering away happily.  The kids devoured slices of pizza as a treat.  I fell in love with the hot pan chicken wings.  So juicy and tender!!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t require total devotion nor obsession.  It just requires dedication to eating right.  THEN we have those days where we indulge in something more sinful.  Does the food that we eat look like we’re starving?  No!  And it’s far from boring when there’re so many ways to tweak a basic recipe!

Wishing you fun,



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