Body Positive – eat well, dress well

In order to properly love our bodies, we must first respect them.  If we don’t take care of our health and if we don’t dress properly, we aren’t showing proper respect to our bodies.  Love always involves effort; thus, not putting in effort means something isn’t worth loving.


I have prawn laksa pasta on some nights out.  This isn’t starving.  It’s a healthy and balanced meal.  If I over-indulge – and sometimes I do – I try to make up for it by eating properly over the next few days and power walking away the calories.

Respecting our bodies as temples involves dressing with care.  It’s definitely nice to look sexy, but letting it all hang out isn’t exactly classy either.  If we demonstrate lack of respect for ourselves, how are we to demand respect from anyone else?

It’s entirely possible to dress with a sexy allure without looking like a tramp.  Letting it all hang out leaves nothing much to the imagination and there’s little left for your special someone to discover during intimate moments.


By all means, flaunt your assets.  But remain a lady : )

Wishing you fun,



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