Fat oppression


A steaming, stinking pile of garbage.

These body positive activists are really trying to rationalise their own poor lifestyles and habits.  Why is it that some fat women enjoy tons of positive attention and are far more confident about themselves?  Why do they enjoy respect and acceptance?  They’re by no means thin, but they’re positive and upbeat.  They don’t whine about lack of male attention.

The secret to what makes them attractive – their energy.  Just think about the fuller-figured women on TV – Queen Latifah, Oprah Winfrey, etc.  Can you imagine them glued to their couches in front of the TV, finishing pint after pint of Ben & Jerry’s and writing article after article about acceptance or oppression?

These women are brimming with zest for life.  They’re energetic, they’re radiant and they’re absolutely stunning.  They eat well and these eating habits pay off.  They’re well loved celebrities who look great and flaunt their larger bodies in flattering clothes.  They carry their weight extremely well.


FYI, this lady goes diving and takes ukelele lessons.  She’s always travelling from 1 exotic and picturesque resort location to the next in search of new diving experiences.  She enjoys a wide social circle and many friends.  She catches musicals and other stage performances.  She is not glued to her couch all the time.


These ladies go to the beach, they shop, they also catch stage performances, they enjoy healthy social lives, they get involved in photography clubs and other blogging events.  They wear bikinis and are confident about their bodies.  They don’t spend time glued to the couch.


In essence, these ladies are bursting with life.  They’re vibrant, they’re fun.  They don’t waste time whining about how they’re not accepted nor respected in society.  Their lives are too full to lobby against fat bias, fat oppression or other nonsensical causes.  They’re happy and it shows!

Is it possible to be fat and happy?


Is it possible to be fat and attractive?


But you’re not going to be either if you’re constantly projecting your own negativity onto anyone else.  If you want to be fat, happy and brimming with confidence, then you’ll need to make changes on your own.  Nobody can help you if you refuse to help yourself and insist on wallowing in self pity.

There’s no need to always be a victim of circumstance.  We can either adopt a winner’s mentality or a loser’s.  Frankly, not many people like to be around losers.  Quit whining and get out there.  Enjoy life.  Get to know people.  Even if you have to fake it till you make it, just try it.

Perhaps then you’ll realise, like all the fat, happy and attractive women who’re positive and radiant – fat bias and fat oppression don’t exist because they no longer matter.  You’re too busy to bother about them.

Wishing you fun,



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