Body Positive – thin privilege

If you aren’t already acquainted with the concept of ‘thin privilege’, I would recommend visiting this steaming pile of nonsense.  Once you’ve read the basics and amazed yourself with fatlogic, feel free to Google more articles about this ridiculous concept.

In short, folks who make an effort to eat proper, nutritious and balanced meals and who’re disciplined enough not to balloon to elephant proportions enjoy benefits in the form of ‘thin privilege’, such as:

#1  Not having to buy 2 airplane seats.

#2  Fitting into most clothes.

#3  Doctors not suggesting weight loss when we visit them.

#4  Not having everyone monitor what we eat.

#5  Not being mooed/barked/oinked at on the streets.

#6  Not having chairs break when we sit in them.

There’re many more examples as the fat feminists demonstrate incredible mental gymnastics in order to justify their hatred towards those who succeeded where they failed.  It’s how they undermine our efforts to be as attractive and healthy as we can be.


Well, ladies, I’ll tell you this.  Enjoy your thin privilege.  REVEL in it!  While the fat feminists claim that we did nothing to earn the right to have what we do, we know better than to believe them.  After all, who doesn’t feel good about privilege?

Take, for example, when you visit certain malls and shops.  Don’t they give you a privilege card?  If you spend enough money, you earn points and exchange them for rewards.  The concept works the same here.  You made the effort, you earned the rewards.  Enjoy those privileges!

You don’t need to ‘check your thin privilege’.  You need to embrace it and savour the fruit of your hard work.  Watch the fat feminists seethe.

Wishing you fun,



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