Body Positive – Christmas cheer!

It’s so exciting.  Christmas is just around the corner! 😀  While eating healthy is great, it’s equally important to allow ourselves to let our hair down and fully enjoy ourselves with family and friends.  It’s perfectly fine to indulge in some wine and good food in moderation : )



Yen Ling and I were in matching outfits again, so we took the opportunity to ham it up in front of the camera 😛  Photos are always prettier when people make an effort to dress up and look their best.  I like taking photos with fellow vain ladies! 😛

It’s also the reason #effyourbeautystandards is dumb because rebelling against beauty standards isn’t making a statement at all.  Why deliberately make ourselves look ugly when it does nothing for our confidence levels?


This Christmas, make it your mission to embrace beauty standards once more.  Having fun dressing up in gorgeous and flattering clothing.  Mix and match your accessories.  Wear make-up.  Most importantly, be prepared to have tons of fun!


Christmas is a time to ditch the angst, stop whining, stop bitching, stop playing victim, stop feeling oppressed and to be happy, carefree, eat, drink and make merry!  Love yourselves enough to look the best you can look.

It’s only when you’ve made the effort that you can truly feel confident.  That is when you can let your inner radiance shine and make things fun for everybody else.  Merry Christmas, everyone! : )

Wishing you fun,



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