Body Positive – Ragen Chastain, Fat Heffalump, etc

Some body positive activists are the most miserable and aggressive women I’ve ever seen.  A few examples are Ragen Chastain, a blogger who goes by the nickname Fat Heffalump and a blogger who writes for Shakesville.

Their posts give an insight into them as human beings and it’s not pretty.  They’re angry at the world.  They find every tiny thing to be offended about.  Nothing is ever good enough to stop them from bitching at everyone.

How do people live like that?  It’s such a miserable existence and a pathetic waste of time.  I don’t know about you, but it gives me the impression that, away from the cyber world, they’re extremely lonely individuals.


It’s no wonder actually.  Who in their right minds would want to be in the company of people who’re constantly malicious, angry, belligerent and never satisfied with anything?  There’re people like this in the office and they aren’t exactly popular.

Then they wonder why they aren’t accepted into groups and get jealous that other women are having so much fun with the dudes and dudettes.  Nobody likes being drained by all this negative energy.  It’s more fun to laugh, tease and play.

These women have such intense self-loathing that they project it out into the world.  They’re suspicious of people of malice because they themselves are malicious.  They find spite in remarks when there isn’t any because they themselves are spiteful.

Oddly, their followers are just like them.  I guess the saying birds of a feather flock together is really true.

Wishing you fun,



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