Body Positivity – how healthy a normal body can be

Frequently, we drool over fitness models’ figures.  Many say it’s an unattainable standard; I agree.  Most of us are normal working folks and don’t have as much time to train at the gym.  Some of us have injuries – I shared mine in a previous entry.


How about I tell you that a normal person can have a healthy body?


You know why I say it’s possible?  I’m just a normal person; not someone whose job involves heavy physical work and perfect fitness levels.  This is MY body.  It’s not flawless.  It isn’t perfect.  But I’m proud of it all the same because it’s mine.

I didn’t get this way by starving.  If a person doesn’t consume enough food, he/she won’t have the strength to even get through the day, let alone exercise.  I got this way by eating well – balanced meals comprising fresh food.

I can only visit the gym sporadically, as mentioned in my previous entry.  However, I’m physically active and it helps to work off the calories consumed.  I don’t eat just because I’m bored and stop when I’m full.

This isn’t an athlete’s body.  My tummy is still soft.  My thighs still jiggle.  So does my butt *embarrassed*  But it’s still a body I worked very hard for despite an injury and I’m proud of the effort : )  So now I’m telling you – it’s ACHIEVABLE.

Do you want this enough?

Wishing you fun,



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