Body positive – stewed pork, veggies and rice

Guo Ming, Andy and I had quick but tasty lunch one day.  Andy introduced me to a popular stall selling bak kut teh or pork rib soup.  We ordered a few dishes to share and bowls of rice – stewed pork, pig’s stomach in peppery soup and salted veggies.  The stew gravy was so delicious that I drenched my rice in it and gulped it all down in record time!


None of us is deprived of carbohydrates, protein and veggies.  We eat a variety of fresh food – fish, eggs, meat, nuts, veggies, seafood, potatoes and rice.  None of us suffers from malnutrition.  None of us are hangry.  We’re comfortably full until our next meal and we’re also a healthy weight for our respective skeletal frames.

If the amount we eat is considered starving proportions, why are we still energetic enough to climb stairs, walk everywhere and not pant at the slightest physical exertion?  Because these are normal portions for an average human being of our height and body frames.  Sure, larger boned and more athletic folks need to eat more, but even so, many of them still remain healthy and active.

Taking care of ourselves isn’t as difficult as the body positive community makes it out to be.  Sure, all of us will die 1 day; some tragically in accidents.  That doesn’t mean we should throw our hands up and neglect ourselves.  It doesn’t mean that we can’t live everyday feeling positive, healthy and fresh.

Throw out the excuses.

Dump the delusion.

Discard the defeatist attitude.

You’ll be proud of yourselves and have better positive thoughts about your body.  Don’t diss it till you try it.

Wishing you fun,



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