Body Positive – We love Japanese food!

My man prefers my home-cooked food, but yes, we do go out to eat : )  There’re days when I need a break from slaving over the stove as well, you know? 😛  And we simply adore Japanese food anyway.  The cuisine offers diners guilt-free indulgences.  How bad can healthy dishes be, right?  Right.



So here we were.  The restaurant is quite popular and enjoys decent crowds, even on weekdays.  We had a good view of the chefs as well, at our table next to the sushi conveyor belt.  As I photographed our surroundings, my man grabbed food for us.  We couldn’t wait to tuck in!


Salmon sushi maki topped with ebiko


Hamachi sashimi


Salmon sashimi


Cod mentaiko

And I didn’t photograph the rest of the dishes because……. you know…….. too busy devouring the good stuff 😛  Despite feeling full, we weren’t as lethargic as we would’ve been had we eaten fast food.  All the processed junk just doesn’t sit well with us and what we don’t eat regularly, we don’t miss.

Wishing you fun,



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