Body positive – fresh food is NOT expensive

I’m glad to see people calling out the body positive LIARS, especially when they write articles for online publications that have high readership.  These can be seen in the comments section, where the delusional battle it out with the sensible.

Of course, when they’re finally proven wrong, their ultimate fallback strategy is to scream, “My health is none of your business”, “Nobody owes it to you to be healthy”, “I can do whatever I want” and…………….

“You’re a BULLY!!!”

“You’re a BIGOT!!!”


“You’re an OPPRESSOR!!!”

But they really are liars and do much more harm than good to their fellow members and friends who’re less selfish and wish to be healthier for their loved ones.  Look, this means a lot to me.  I blogged before about how my health journey started after dad’s triple bypass.

Recently, another beloved family member had a massive hemorrhagic stroke and the reason for this was primarily unhealthy eating habits.  I’ll write about it when it’s not as painful and the recovery is complete.

When these body positive activists claim that those who talk about health are just concern trolls who’re using health as a cover-up to attack fat women’s appearance, they undermine the very real pain us family members who witness someone close get very ill feel.  They undermine our wish to prevent others from suffering the same fate.


So here’s what you do.  You decide not to eat at MacDonald’s.  You head to the food court and order curry laksa.  Or curry chicken and potatoes.  Or curry fish.  Or beef curry.  If it’s too expensive, go to the supermarket or any Asian store in Chinatown and buy curry or laksa paste.

Prepare the gravy or sauce as directed and pour it over hard-boiled eggs, beansprouts and thick vermicelli or rice, soy beancurd and veggies or pretty much anything you want.  These are very cheap meals and they’re tasty.  They also contain more nutrients than MacDonald’s.

It’s a start.  Please try.  You have no idea of the heartbreak and grief your loved ones go through when faced with the very real possibility of losing you.  Don’t be selfish.  Think of them and how much they love you.  Do you love them enough to do something about it?

Wishing you fun,



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