Happy birthday, GM!

GM and I are pretty close.  For an Aquarius 😛  We’re pretty detached and don’t need daily contact with friends, family, colleagues nor our special someones.  It doesn’t mean we don’t value them; it’s just that we have hobbies and interests that take up our time.  But when it matters, our friends will know they’re loved.

Such is GM : )  It was his birthday.  Despite our busy schedules, we made time for a quick but yummy meal : )


Surprise surprise, Fat Acceptance and HAES members, it’s drunken chicken!  No lettuce leaves!


Surprise surprise again, it’s crab meat mixed with egg white and veggies, topped with a whole egg!  No lettuce leaves either!


Gasp, shock, horror!  MEAT!!!  And noodles!!!  The lies they told you are exposed!!! :O

GM may not be deliberately leading a healthy lifestyle, but he unconsciously eats fresh food – rice, meat, veggies and soups.  He hardly touches junk food.  And he has a trim body to show for it.


2015-05-03 15.57.19

What do you have to say to that, FAM and HAES? : )

Wishing you fun,



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