The hypocrisy of body positive feminism

Some self-declared feminists say that they’re fighting for women, but are they really?  I don’t see them trying to raise money for the women living in impoverished conditions.  Instead, they’re forever raising money for body positive conferences.

In the meantime, I wonder where are the feminists when these women genuinely need their help:

If these influential oh-so-intelligent, oh-so-capable, oh-so-kind, oh-so-compassionate, oh-so-empathetic, oh-so-nice body activists cum feminists cum whatever the hell they are could list any of their fund-raising efforts that benefit THESE women who genuinely need help, perhaps they wouldn’t be seen as hypocritical.

Do they care about women who’re destitute?

Do they care about women who don’t have enough to eat?

Do they care about women who can’t afford basic hygiene items?

Do they care about women who can’t afford basic medical care?

Does any of the money they raise EVER go towards improving the conditions of these women living in abject poverty?  I’m looking at you, the big woman who took on Abercrombie and Fitch by posing with a hot male model.

Modern feminism is a joke, especially the body positive ones.  They’re fake and only using feminism to further THEIR agenda.  They’re not interested in truly improving women’s lives at all, unless it improves their own AND brings them profits.

So save me the hypocrisy, ‘feminists’.  Yours is the most self-centred form of feminism I’ve ever seen.  And before you start being offended or screaming that you’re victims, remember that your hypocrisy started it.


Your brand of ‘feminism’ caters only to your need to boost your EGO, your need for VALIDATION, your need to erase your INSECURITIES and your need to be seen as attractive and it makes me want to vomit.

Wishing you fun,



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